thesis committee Responsibilities of the Chair

In December, juniors chair the thesis presentations at the Senior Thesis Research Conference. Responsibilities include announcing, and preparing questions for, at least one thesis presentation. Juniors planning to write a thesis are required to attend the entire conference.

In addition to the voting member responsibilities, the chair(s) of a committee must:

Thesis and Dissertation Responsibilities. The chair/co-chair/vice-chair and, to a lesser extent, the other members of the advisory committee are responsible for the following aspects of the thesis or dissertation and the related or associated research experience:

Thesis Committee and Chair Responsibilities

because of the way the university recognizes the chair's responsibilities

General guidance of a doctoral candidate is the responsibility of a doctoral committee consisting of four or more active members of the Graduate Faculty, which includes at least two faculty members in the major field. For research doctorate (Ph.D.) committees, one member of the committee may be a Category Q member of the Graduate Faculty and serve in the roles specified under Expected Duties of Category Q members. The dissertation adviser must be a member of the doctoral committee. The dissertation adviser usually serves as chair, but this is not required. If the candidate is also pursuing a dual-title field of study, a co-chair representing the dual-title field must be appointed. In most cases, the same individual (e.g., dissertation adviser) is a member of the Graduate Faculty in both the major and dual-title fields, and in such cases may serve as sole chair.