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173, bibliog.; 56 b/w photos, 28 figures, 48 tables; hardcover (rebound, originally issued in ring binder); (presentation copy signed by the author, owner's book stamp on title page) o/wise very good condition.

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Our book binding machine allows us flexibility in producing your custom book design.

The bookbinders of choice in Ireland.

Library Standard Thesis bookbinding in black buckram.

4. CHOOSE SERVICE - We have four speeds of service for binding - 2 days, Next day, 5 hours and 2 hours. These services are available at all times - no booking required

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Since 1952, Smith-Shattuck Bookbinding has been binding theses and dissertations. Over time our traditional methods have continued to adapt to new materials and techniques that become available. The result is archival books produced from the highest quality acid-free materials. Each book is machine oversewn with unbleached cotton thread and archival endpapers. This sewing process creates an exceptionally strong binding with maximum flexibility.

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Roswell Bookbinding is specialized in manufacturing turned edge binders, portfolios, menu covers, pocket covers, certificate holders and custom turned edge boxes in a wide range of sizes, styles and materials. We specialize in the undersized as well as the oversized pieces. In accordance with the customer's specifications, thoughts, ideas and content, we will produce a piece to the size required. Depending on the design style and the quantity required, the product may be fully handcrafted or assembled using a combination of machine and hand assembly. Every job is separate and is carefully controlled to ensure the highest quality and customer satisfaction.

The Tie Between US Militarism & Zionist Jews - Real …

No. We offer simple binding which has the pages glued together and a strip on the spine, instead of the spiral. Spiral binding weakens the book because of the hole punching

The Tie Between US Militarism & Zionist Jews

BookPOD, the print-on-demand machine, is designed to print books when you want them. With over 4 million titles in the online database, it is an environmentally friendly way to get you the books you want without wasting resources with books that don't get sold. BookPOD also allows rare books that may never see another print run to never be forgotten and allows people to print short runs of their own books.

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Just like wood, paper has a grain direction. In bookbinding this direction is vitally important. Imagine a sheet of corrugated cardboard – it bends very easily in one direction and not the other. The same applies to a sheet of paper. The two terms used are Long Grain and Short Grain.