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I have to build these wordpress sites out fast and honestly sometimes just editing the .php files is quicker but with Thesis I have to use the stupid hook thing or open hook. Great review and thanks for sharing all this with us.

I really don’t see how any other WordPress premium theme designers can compete with you.

Wow! An honest review of Thesis. I love it. I have a love hate relationship with Thesis. The product is not as advertised, not for beginners. And some of the things CP says are incredibly immature and unprofessional.
I am not a newbie. I understand the concepts of programming. However, if I have problems with Thesis (getting what I want sometimes) newbies must be sadly disappointed. One thing I’ve suggested is a comprehensive FAQ and (real) help site. I doubt that will happen.
I haven’t tried Frugal, but will be doing that immediately. I good framework is a life saver for anyone who builds multiple sites.
Thanks for the best review I’ve yet read about Thesis.

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All of the blogs will have different themes. I’ve used the Plainscape theme to death.

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Last month we launched our Thesis Skins website and released our Thesis Smart Skin as our first Thesis Skin for the launch. Today we are happy to announce our second skin, Thesis Magazine Skin. The name itself, Thesis Magazine Skin, tells you how this one is going to look like. Yes, Thesis Magazine Skin provides [...]

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We have learned how to set up WordPress multisite network, domain mapping in wp multisite and how to use thesis theme in WordPress multisite network sites. Now the important thing to do in wp multisite management is to configure and set up mu plugins in all the network sites using the network admin or super [...]

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