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Nevertheless, at his death in 1549, his only surviving son Otto IIclaimednot only Harburg, but also 1/3 of the Luneburg lands and 1/5 of theGiffhorn lands (of Heinrich's youngest brother Franz, who had diedwithout male heirs in 1549). After 11yearsof dispute, a settlement in 1560 with his cousins Heinrich and Wilhelm(sons of Ernst, founders of the lines of Wolfenbüttel andLüneburg/Hanover respectively) left him Harburg and Mosburg, inexchange for arenunciationto any claim on the rest of the principality, with the same reservationin case of extinction of the male line of his cousins. Ottomarried twice (Schwarzburg and Ostfriesland) and has many children, buttheline of Harburg died out with the last of Otto's sons in 1642 (althoughone of Otto's sons Otto Heinrich (1555-91) settled in the Netherlands,married Marie de Hénin-Liétard and had one son Karl wholeftfurther male issue down to the 18th c.).

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Chloroform has been extensively investigated in a range of short-term screening tests for genotoxicity. End-points studied include mutation in bacteria, yeast, and , mutation, SCE, UDS, and cell transformation in human and laboratory animal cells in culture, chromosome damage in various tissues in rats, mice, and hamsters, DNA binding, and sperm abnormalities. Although a few studies suggested the possibility of a weak ability to damage the chromosomes of rats, results in the large majority of genotoxicity studies were negative. The weight of evidence suggests that chloroform does not have direct genotoxic potential.

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The highest levels observed in Canadian surface waters have in the past been near pulp and paper mills using chlorine bleaching. The maximum concentrations in the Fraser River below the Northwood Pulp and Timber outfall in 1989 and below the Canadian Pacific Forest Products Kraft Mill in Thunder Bay in 1986 were 83 µg/litre and 200 µg/litre, respectively. Chloroform concentrations in Canadian surface water samples collected after 1989 have been much lower. The maximum reported concentration of chloroform in 984 water samples collected from British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, and Quebec from 1990 to 1996 was 44 µg/litre, and this value is used as the EEV.

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For each end-point, a conservative estimated exposure value (EEV) is selected and an estimated no-effects value (ENEV) is determined by dividing a critical toxicity value (CTV) by an application factor. A conservative quotient (EEV/ENEV) was calculated for each of the assessment end-points in order to determine whether there is potential ecological risk in the source country (Canada). If these quotients are less than 1, it can be concluded that the substance poses no significant risk to the environment, and the risk assessment is completed. If, however, the quotient is greater than 1 for a particular assessment end-point, then the risk assessment for that end-point proceeds to an analysis based on more realistic assumptions, and the probability and magnitude of effects are considered. This latter approach involves a more thorough consideration of sources of variability and uncertainty in the risk analysis. EEVs, CTVs, ENEVs, and risk quotients are summarized in Table 8.

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Nearly all chloroform is released to air, but there are also some direct releases to surface water. Chloroform is also present in groundwater, particularly in the vicinity of landfills. Therefore, assessment end-points for the environmental assessment of chloroform relate to populations of terrestrial animals living near industrial sources, freshwater pelagic organisms, and groundwater-dwelling organisms (Environment Canada & Health Canada, 2001). The results of a marine risk assessment (Zok et al., 1998) are also presented here.