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This course will focus on examining contemporary issues and trends related to young people and youth development in recreation, parks and tourism. Students will learn about youth development frameworks and how to apply those frameworks to recreation-based settings. Students will learn about the importance of engaging youth in the process of program planning and development.

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Anja Tuohino and Antti Honkanen

Exploring Aesthetic Dimensions in Nature-Based Tourist Experiences 369
Monica A. Breiby

The Association of Quality, Risk, Sacrifice, Satisfaction, and Loyalty at the Destination Level: A Structural Model 381
Md Enayet Hossain, Mohammed Quaddus, and Tekle Shanka

The University Student Travel Market: Motivations and Preferences for Activities 399
Huan Xiao, Kevin Kam Fung So, and Ying Wang

International Tourism and Economic Growth in New Zealand 413
Mohammad Jaforullah


Opportunities and Issues in the Health Tourism Industry: Deep Sea Water Development in Taiwan 419
Kuan-Huei Lee and Timothy J. Lee

Implications of Cultural Differences for Expatriate Managers in the Global Hotel Industry 425
Timothy J. Lee

Business Tourism Development on the Basis of Public–Private Partnership 433
Vladimyr Yermachenko, Nadiya Dekhtyar, and Oleksandr Dorokhov



The Ties That Bind: Exploring the Relevance of Neotribal Theory to Tourism 443
Anne Hardy and Brady Robards


Touring Poverty (Bianca Freire-Medeiros) 455
Maximiliano E. Korstanje

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Techniques, 425
Technology, 471
Telephone tracking, 443
The imaginal reach of tourism, 139
Themes, 15
The old business, 538
Three-dimensional fixed-effects panel regressions, 353
Time and motion study, 749
Tour operating industry, 255
Tourism and media, 175
Tourism competitiveness, 387
Tourism contribution, 401
Tourism demand, 375
Tourism destinations, 523
Tourism development, 841
Tourism forecast, 651
Tourism industry, 103
Tourism productivity, 781
Tourism, 293, 573, 665, 721, 833
Tourist experiences, 457
Tourist movements, 443
Tourists, 701
Tourist satisfaction, 691
Tourist space, 175
Travel agencies, 325
Travel intentions, 793
Travel intermediaries, 821
Travel meta-search, 821
Travel motivations, 187
Turkey, 651
Turkish visitors, 127

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He has also written about gender and its depiction in cinema imagery in relation to tourism; and tourism in relation to the May-June 1968 Paris student revolt.

Do the benefits of tourism outweigh the drawbacks

He is specifically interested in seeing how the "Easter Island" imaginary and the correlative development of cultural tourism on the island may be challenged by new ways in which the Rapa Nui conceive, produce, and circulate memory about their island.