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… As Argentina’s legislature debated PresidentCristina Fernandez de Kirchner’s bill to allow gay marriage,Francis -- then known as Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio -- suggestedto his bishops that the Church support civil unions as a compromiseof sorts.

Their statement aboutthose who don’t acknowledge God is not only condemned by St.

Banning gay marriage as observed in most states only fosters inequality, discrimination and disrespect towards gay couples. These couples are stigmatized and made to feel undeserving and inferior as opposed to opposite sex couples who do not have to resort to court cases to fight for their rights. In fact, the Supreme Court acknowledged this when the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) was declared invalid, as it infringes on the protections of the Fifth Amendment (Reilly and Siddiqui para. 2). Gay couples who are legally recognized in their individual states can indeed receive federal benefits made available to those in heterosexual marriages. This ruling further cements the fact that respect and dignity of every person must be protected.

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Cardinal TimothyDolan said that the pontiff wants the Catholic Church to studysame-sex unions, ‘rather than condemn them’.

Allowing gay marriage would serve to honor the Constitution. Evidently, gay marriage is constitutional, but the prohibition of gay marriage is not. The future of this debate will not be any different from what it is today. The institution of marriage will remain a part of the society and individuals bent on dismissing gay marriage on the grounds of morality and religion will still be there. Nonetheless, the Constitution will remain a guideline that inherently insists on equal treatment for all individuals especially in a democratic society.

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vii. Resisting the recognition of gay marriage is ineffectual since it is not an outbreak or a cult but a part of the evolution of society and should be considered with the relevance it merits.

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, the nobility used marriages for political purposes, but they essentially took advantage of a pre-existing instutition for their own benefit, and the vast majority of people throughout history were not nobility constructing political alliances but were nonetheless validly married. in this country, "in a legal sense", marriage is a right. maybe the pro-gay marriage forces will eventually achieve that, but you would have an easier sale if you were more tolerant of those with dissenting views instead of trying to force your views on them. good thesis report famu online good thesis statement research paper rights financial economics hol es early call good thesis statement research paper rights micah ! marriage is traditionally one and one; one man and one woman. refer to the six states that have marriage equality for proof of that statement. response to the hetero-only lunch counter, one could respond by mentioning how many gays have been banned from their own families' dinner tables (and homes).@i don't take the train,I don't understand how society is better off when we redefine marriage to fit a whim of the radical left. i guarantee you americans will never stand for incestuous marriages. top six arguments against gay marriage (and why they all fail). therefore, i oppose redefining marriage to extend benefits to others.-sex marriage does not fundamentally alter the basic idea of two people agreeing to unite for life and taking on the responsibilities and privileges of that agreement. for example, the wedding photographer in nm who refused to photograph a gay wedding because it violated her religious belief, or the b & b in (i think) virginia that refused to host a gay wedding ceremony. because i also have an emotional response -- a positive one -- toward my gay friends and colleagues who are lucky enough to find loving partners. is really helpful to a reader who might be getting confused,or who is skimming the thesis or reading it piecemeal or out of., imo, is not a civil right, it is not even a so-called human right--so all this talk about equality with marriage is just the left trying to tie the issue to civil rights, which is utter nonsense. for example, in a two-person marriage, one spouse is automatically granted absolute decision-making power in the event that the other spouse is incapacitated. by changing the definition/tradition of marriage, it opens the door even more for society and the government to change other traditions. if not for man and woman, there would not be the concept of marriage ! saying you don't like marriage generally, and this would just mean more of it, won't cut it because it sidesteps the whole issue, which is obviously about discrimination against gays., will never agree with gay marriage, so i will never agree with you, or the chicago tribune, and if fact am thinking of canceling my subscription because of their promoting it. thesis statement for legalizing gay marriage,writing the thesis proposal some students arriving with either a master's degree or with prior coursework in computational social science could take less than four years. manny pacquiao, a fighter and congressman in the philippines, said he didn't want or like same sex marriage. you think gays are more special and more equal than muslims or old school mormons etc.-sex marriage entails none of the legal nightmares of polyandry, while prohibition deprives committed same-sex couples exactly the same legal advantages and obligations applied to opposite sex couples under current law.. cancelled an appearance he was to have there with mario lopez because of those statements. your problems with the state of marriage today and the proliferation of children with unmarried parents certainly have nothing to do with gays or their desire to seek legally recognized relationships. number is still "one" for same-sex marriage, so you haven't explained why a change in the gender rules changes the number rules. so far, the voters in most states have voted to not change marriage because they recognize that marriage is not a broken institution in itself like other harmful/useless/tired traditions were. the following sections, i'll start with advice about the thesis. or how about the fact that a same sex couple can say they are married right now, but if a poly-marriage went public they can be put in jail?"my answer was not much of an olive branch:gay people have been treated horribly in our society and most other societies for, well, forever. (in other words, call it marriage and extend it to all or get the government out of the "marriage" business and make something called a "civil union" the legal accompaniment to a religious marriage, i don't care, just apply it equally to all.

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thesis statement gcse algebra coursework homework club waterford school trip essay bob ewell essay japanese internment essay homework business plan essay introduction english annika culver dissertation text evidence homework dissertation sur knock professional writing services essay forum lehighWrite a thesis proposal in the area of computational sciences. this is impossible, as marriage rights and regulation have existed as a basic contractual agreement covered by laws going back long before this country's existence. if we uncouple marriage from its traditional religious-based definition, then what justification remains for banning multiple partner marriage? but there's no excuse for that kind of ignorance today because open discussion has exposed all of us to the realities and miseries of these doomed marriages. j reply -- "the cost is that there are over 1,000 federal laws that deal with marriage and many confer benefits upon married couples. in the legal sense, marriage is not a right it is a privilege, the same as fishing. am unconvinced by the assurance that allowing same sex marriage does not logically lead to a similar sanctioning of polygamy. therefore, i oppose redefining marriage to extend benefits to others. but more importantly, i am simply offended that gays haven’t stopped to think that maybe hetero marriages are special enough to be put on their own pedestal. it's ridiculous to assume this problem will worsen with the civil right of marriage allowed for gays. -- so far as i know, the studies have said that the kids do ok on various measures (partially because gay/lesbian couples that parent are generally well educated) but i haven't read one (and a while back i read what i could) that said that these kids are just as able to form healthy adult marriages as any other, because there weren't enough such adult children to study. i would be fine with that, by the way -- that is, "civil unions" for all, legal "marriage" for none. domestic relations division judge in cook county told me that virtually all of the judges favor same-sex marriage because it would bring clarity to how they should handle rights and responsibilities when these relationships end and because they feel that existing law compels them to sometimes make unjust decisions in living- together arrangements that end.") marriage is optional -- dependent on whether you've got the cash for an expensive reception, and/or whether you've crunched the numbers on how it would affect finances. do you want your audience to learn from the thesis? question --if education of the parents truly is a key variable, what's your argument against restricting marriage and making it for hhigh school graduates only? the man-woman part is the central thing that makes marriage what it is. that violates the definition of marriage" to be a top argument. again, i strongly favor gay marriage but i think society should respect the views of those who do not., again, don't pretend that gay people marrying persons of the opposite gender means they have an equal entitlement under the law. law clearly allows gay unions; it is the churches that are against gay marriages."of course there is no discrimination against homosexuals in our current marriage laws because anyone can get married. several years ago, the nj supreme court issued an opinion that endorsed equality, but left open the option of marriage or civil union. always, eric is a strong and passionate proponent of redefining marriage., you do not seem to have an understanding of the origin of marriage and the history of same sex/gender unions throughout history. gay people, like most people, would never hire a person who is unfriendly, rude, self-righteous, or sanctimonious. gay marriage to the mix will exacerbate this attitude, when we can ill afford it. could do -- that reads like a proposal, not a thesis! and no one can force you to accept or acknowledge any gays, married or not. first, it's not only about you (gay people) and your needs. marriage between a man and woman is not an offensive or hurtful tradition. accepting gay marriage doesn't mean that we must automatically accept *anything* else. i'd like to roll back those 1,000 laws before we even think of redefining marriage.