This is evident in the work of Gregory Mantsios ‘Class in America’.

"Cardinal Siri" after supposedly beingcanonically elected, accepted the papacy and chose the name GregoryXVII - the enemies within the Conclave themselves used ferocious andvicious threats against the newly elected Pope Gregory XVII, if hepublicly were to announce he was the True Pope).

The national income of a country is the aggregation of countless transactions.

This leaves the audience with no other choice rather than to support the argument and reasoning of the author.
Gregory uses strong rhetorical points in his article to elaborate on the issue of classes in America.

The Gregory Thesis Visits the Tropics - ResearchGate

And he would have remained as true Pope under the name of GregoryXVII until either his death or abdication.

A heroric priest [Fr. Khoat Tran] was able to locate, and have a clandestine meeting with the , Gregory XVII- on June 14th, 1988. The following photo taken moments after Fr. Khoat privately met with His Holiness records this Historical event (see time stamp -lower right corner 88-6-14)