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Following are the main methodologies for teaching vocabulary items inan English language classroom.
Caeful listening to the words maybe a good option in teaching vocabularyitems in a heterogenic classroom.

Oxford:.teaching vocabulary learning strategies: awareness, beliefs, and practices.

This includes pronunciation, syntax, and sociolinguistic areas. You don't have to be a linguist to teach EFL--most of what you need to know can be learned from reading the students' textbooks. Often the rules and explanations about structure in the students' texts are much more accessible and realistic than in texts used in TESL syntax courses.

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Most textbooks follow the same tired, boring pattern and include the same major functions, grammar and vocabulary. The main reason for this is not scientific at all--it is the publisher's unwillingness to take a risk by publishing something new. Also, by trying to please all teachers publishers force authors to water down their materials to the extent of being unnatural at times. It is the teacher's responsibility to add any extra necessary vocabulary, functions, grammar, or topics that you feel the students may want or need.

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As the socio-cultural background and learning environment largely influence the way the students approach EFL vocabulary .Vocabulary and autonomy These strategies involve planned, French Allen, Virginia (1983) Techniques in Teaching Vocabulary.

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Nation, P., & Newton, J. (1997). Teaching vocabulary. In J. Coady & T. Huckin (Eds.). Second language vocabulary acquisition (pp. 238-254). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

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This paper is an attempt to study and explore the variousmethodologies that can be incorporated in the teaching of vocabularyitems in a language classroom.

and her constructive elaboration in the revision of the thesis.

Pishghadam, R., Khodadady, E., & Khoshsabk, N. (2010).The impact of visual and verbal intelligences-based teaching on the vocabulary retention and written production of Iranian intermediate EFL learners. MJAL, 2(5), 379- 395.

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Key words: vocabulary, teaching, pictures, visuals, learning, word, teacher, I hereby declare that this thesis is my own original work, which I have created .

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Effective Vocabulary Teaching Strategies For The English For The author of this thesis focuses on effective vocabulary teaching strategies in the English.