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8 blasting cap can initiate detonation;
(B) Server and very rapid compression under adiabatic conditions can cause detonation;
(C) Liquid nitromethane can be detonated when heated under confinement to near its critical temperature.

One of the principal methods for alkene synthesis in the laboratory is the room elimination of ..

Another process that has been developed is via methanol (produced from biomass via synthesis gas), the MTP (Methanol To Propene) process which is an example of the MTO (Methanol To Olefins) process. (Olefin is the older name for the homologous series, alkenes). Methanol can be converted into high purity ethene and propene via dimethyl ether. Methanol vapour is passed over alumina at ca 600 K. An equilibrium mixture of methanol, dimethyl ether and steam is produced, containing about 25% methanol:

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Angus's nitromethane production process results in the joint production of four nitroalkanes, of which nitromethane has the highest value.

Another method of producing propene is via syngas and ethanol. Synthesis gas (carbon monoxide and hydrogen) is used to convert bioethanol to propan-1-ol: