contains up to 20% of benzoic acid and 40% benzoic acid esters.

The survey found that the concentrations of benzoic acid detected would lead to a dietary intake below 5 mg/kg body weight per day, even for adults with an above-average consumption.

T1 - Gas phase oxidation of benzoic acid to phenol over nickel oxide catalysts

8.3.1 Oral exposure In general, the database for benzoic acid and sodium benzoate is limited, and there are no studies available performed according to current guidelines.

Geoaccumulation of benzoic acid has also been found to be low.

can be converted to benzoic acid by "carbonation" of the intermediate :

In summary, the in vitro studies with benzoic acid gave no indications for genotoxic effects, whereas in vivo studies were not identified.

Gas phase oxidation of benzoic acid to phenol over nickel ..

Species; strain; Treatment Duration Organs examined in Resultsa Reference number of animals (days) histopathology, clinical per dosea chemistry, haematology Benzoic acid cat; 4 m 0 or 0.5% 3-4 liver, kidney, heart, mild hyperaesthesia, Bedford & Clarke in diet stomach, lung, brain, apprehension, and (1972) (approx.

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8.3.2 Inhalation exposure Ten CD rats per sex per group were exposed to 0, 25, 250, or 1200 mg benzoic acid dust aerosol/m3 (analytical concentration; mass aerodynamic diameter [MAD]/sigma g (standard deviation): 0, 4.6/3.1, 4.4/2.1, 5.2/2.1; mass median aerodynamic diameter [MMAD]: 4.7 µm) for 6 h per day and 5 days per week over 4 weeks.

Synthesis Of Salicyclic Acid From Benzene

However, due to the differences in the metabolism of benzoic acid in cats compared with other experimental animals and humans, this study was not taken into further consideration (see section 7).

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In an acute eye irritation/corrosion study with rabbits conducted according to OECD Guideline 405, some eye irritation was reported after application of benzoic acid in the form of a paste.

which is acidified with aqueous acid to yield phenol

In studies with repeated oral application, no effects on the testes were observed in rats after dosing with benzoic acid at up to 647 mg/kg body weight per day in the diet for 4 weeks (see also Table 3; Bio-Fax, 1973) or in mice after lifelong application of 6200 mg sodium benzoate/kg body weight per day via drinking-water (see also Table 4; Toth, 1984).

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In different experiments with rabbits, which have not been performed according to current guidelines, benzoic acid applied as dry powder or in the form of a paste was not irritating to slightly irritating to the skin (score 1.66/8: Bio-Fax, 1973; no score given: Bayer AG, 1978; primary skin irritation index 0.5 [no further information available]: RCC Notox, 1988a).