Synthesis of zinc and cadmium O -alkyl ..

The alkyl thiocarbonate zinc complexes are susceptible to hydrolysis and result in complexes of the general formula ((TPA)Zn–SH)X (X = BF 4 − or ClO 4 − ).

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The acylation reactions of alkylphenols is the one of the promising area in petroleum chemistry. They are used as the feedstock for the synthesis of high-performance thermal and photo stabilizers for polyolefin, additives to oils and fuels. This book is about the acylation reaction of p-cycloalkylphenol with acetic acid in the presence of KY-23 and zinc chloride catalysts and the affects of parameters ( temperature, duration, mol ratio, amount of catalyst) on the yield of 2-hydroxy-5-cycloalkylacetophenones.

Subsituted alkenyl compound synthesis by alkenylation …