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supports many text-to-speech voices. For example, you candownload a favorite female voice like Mary, download your mother tonguefrom over 11 languages, or anything else you want! We have collectedsome voices from the Internet for you. They are available for FREEdownload below.

After installing new voices, you should restartCoolSpeech and click the Rescan button on the SpeechProperties window in order to update your voice database. (See .)

Both voices read the preview text in Control Panel's

Applications that generate JSML text should respect the default settings of the user. To do this, relative settings of parameters such as pitch and speaking rate should be used rather than absolute settings.

NeoSpeech Releases First Thai Text-to-Speech Voices

Early next year we will release the first Dutch Text to Speech children’s voices

NeoSpeech Inc., a leading text-to-speech provider, has announced the release of its first Thai speaking text-to-speech voices. Coming just weeks after the release of its first voices, NeoSpeech is adding two Thai voices, a male and female option, to its extensive lineup that now features over 40 voices in 11 different languages.

Good news for our Dutch young speakers

The class is used to encapsulate the four features that describe each voice: voice name, gender, age and speaking style. The voice name and speaking style are both objects and the contents of those strings are determined by the synthesizer. Typical voice names might be "Victor", "Monica", "Ahmed", "Jose", "My Robot" or something completely different. Speaking styles might include "casual", "business", "robotic" or "happy" (or similar words in other languages) but the API does not impose any restrictions upon the speaking styles. For both voice name and speaking style, synthesizers are encouraged to use strings that are meaningful to users so that they can make sensible judgements when selecting voices.

Programming Speech in WPF - Speech Synthesis

Good news for our Dutch young speakers! Early next year we will release the first Dutch Text to Speech children’s voices. The voices are made by and for children, in collaboration with AssistiveWare and NSGK. Children’s voices made by and […]

Inspiring provider of voices and speech solutions

The basic functionality provided by a is speaking text, management of a queue of text to be spoken and producing events as these functions proceed. The interface extends the interface to provide this functionality.