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MELOJA: Composed, arranged and recorded by Will Rugless, Meloja is best described as ‘Glitch meets soundscape, intertwined with what can only be described as dreamy organic textures and melodies’. The work incorporates a strong sense of rhythm, delicately and precisely crafted to create a truly unique and engaging performance.

Text-to-speech software with highly professional voices for Linux, Windows, MAC and Solaris.

With Acapela Voice Factory, Text-to-speech solutions become much more than just technology – they enrich the capacity of applications, enabling companies from all sectors to reinforce their corporate branding.

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ETI Eloquence for Windows is a SAPI 5 version of the popular Eloquence Text-To-Speech synthesizer.

This evening brings together two unique musicians. has been described as ‘the most exciting trombone player for years’ (Wire). She is also one of the funniest and most inventive improvisers in the UK (appearing several time in Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle). is a composer, organist and musical thinker whose work deftly avoids catergorisation. Her recent work combines drawing, graphic scores, text and filmmaking with elements of improvisation.
The opening set tonight features composer and called the ainophone.

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is a sound poet and multidisciplinary writer. Her doctoral research examined the poetics of noise, the effects of broadcast and transmission media on the voice. Her performances and sound installations have featured at international events and festivals, including a British Council funded visit to Mexico City, an artist’s residency at the dOCUMENTA 13 art fair in Kassel, Germany, the Text Festival in Bury, Manchester and performances at the Serpentine Gallery, London. Holly Pester’s poetry collection, Hoofs, was released with if p then q press in 2011 and her next collection, Folkslop is due out with Veer Books early 2014.

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This intriguing duo (a baritone singer/electric violinist and adancer) are planning to perform Georges Asperghis’ experimental voice piece Recitations, a gentle microtonal Vocalise by Ton de Leeuw, Evening Rain by James Dillon and piecesby John Cage. There will also be improvised music and dance when Sam Baileyjoins Alistair and Els on piano. A highlight of this exciting programme is asung/danced version of a Bach cello suite (the Prelude from no.2 in d minor BWV 1008).

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Wood showed WIRED a little grey box, which contained the only copy of Hawking’s speech synthesizer. It’s a CallText 5010, a model given to Hawking in 1988 when he visited the company that manufactured it, Speech Plus. The card inside the synthesizer contains a processor that turns text into speech, a device that was also used for automated telephone answering systems in the 1980s.

it uses the default system voice.

is a London-based poet and Senior Lecturer in English at Loughborough University. Her latest collection, Apocalypse Dreams is nearly out with Sad Press. Her first collection, *not suitable for domestic sublimation (Contraband Press) was published in 2012. is a pianist, composer, and poet. He has published three or four poem sequences and used to co-edit Grasp Press. The poem Working Together For A Safer London is out with Barque Press. His most recent project is They Heavily Vanish, a sea-masque in one act for singers and small ensemble, using text from The Tempest. is the author of selections and dissections (Otoliths, 2010), a collection of visual poetry, its companion piece, this is visual poetry (Chapbook Publisher, 2010), and the found collection STUFF (whirlpool press, 2011). He also makes music to poetry as one half of ShellSuit Massacre.
Opening tonight, fresh from their performances at the Turner Contemporary gallery, are a new trio called (Will Glanfield - saxophone, David Leahy - double bass, Mavernie Cunningham - voice).