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"particularly those nations adjoining to the Missisippi [!] East and West Florida, Georgia, South and North Carolina, and Virginia: containing an account of their origin, language, manners, religious and civil customs, laws, form of government, punishments, conduct in war and domestic life, their habits, diet, agriculture, manufactures, diseases and method of cure...

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This paper re-considers the Southern Culture of Honor and Violence thesis that has enjoyed prevalence in the literature since the first half of the 20 th century. The bulk of researchers previously investigating the link among Southernness, culture of honor, and violence have used attitudinal measures of violence, where survey respondents indicated only their preferences and opinions toward engaging in hypothesized violence. The research in this project employs a behavioral measure of violence, and improves upon prior research by measuring actual violent behaviors of respondents with a national survey of defensive gun use (DGU). Results indicate that Southern respondents show an increased involvement in DGU. However, this effect diminishes when controlling for gun ownership and gun carrying. This suggests that Southernness is indirectly related to DGU, with gun ownership and gun carrying being mediating variables. In addition, those involved in DGU may as well be young, live in cities, non-white, and gun-owners. This is dissonant with the suggestion of historical literature, which promotes an image of the rural Southern white male involved in a violent defense of his honor. For this reason, the discussion centers on the limitations of the research and the ways in which it might be improved to probe deeper into the complex Southern culture. ii TABLE OF CONTENTS Page

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Most of the book details the similarities of the Celtic culture and the Southern populace by extensively using personal accounts of travelers from the North and foreign countries. The points that Dr. McWhiney makes about the Southern culture involve the issues of the laziness of Anglos, also known as Crackers. In his book, McWhiney states, “Nobody seems to have worked very hard in the Old South” (p. 47). This statement also pertained to slaves who, according to the author, also had a tendency towards idleness (p. 45-6). Would the slaves feel differently if they could state their own case on labor and work ethics?

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There are some problems with the author’s work; the attempt to deny the importance of wealth and status among the southerners is laughable. The remarks of slaves also becoming lazy and insolent appear false; after all, slave owners would not have tolerated such insolence and after working in the cotton fields all day, would slaves feel the same way? Dr. McWhiney also leaves out the very important voice of the slaves in the Southern culture. He also states that the Native Indians were lazy, slothful and lacking in work ethic while not truly exploring or understanding the native culture that they come from.

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