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Voice-only systems also reduce the precision from 16 bits to 12 bits per sample,with little noticeable change in the sound quality. This can be reduced to only 8 bits per sample if the quantization step size is made unequal. This is awidespread procedure called , and will be

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Table 22-2 shows the tradeoff between sound quality and data rate for thesethree categories. High fidelity music systems sample fast enough (44.1 kHz),and with enough precision (16 bits), that they can capture virtually all of thesounds that humans are capable of hearing. This magnificent sound qualitycomes at the price of a high data rate, 44.1 kHz × 16 bits = 706k bits/sec. Thisis pure brute force.

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Sound synthesis and sampling

If you have overruns like "aUaUaUaUa" or just "aaa" then the audio system is asking for samples at a higher rate than the DSP flow can provide (44vs48Khz, etc). Use "aplay -l" to get a list of the devices on your system.

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If it comes with a python file, try that first before generating one from the GRC file. When tuning, make sure to hit enter again if it doesn't work the first time or tunes to the wrong frequency. Always hit autoscale to start, and for FFT displays try using the "average" settings. I have set all audio sinks to "pulse" (pulseaudio) instead of say, "hw:0,0" (ALSA). You might have to change that. To get a list of hardwareuse "aplay -l". That'll show the various cards and devices. Use the format, "hw:X,Y" where "hw:CARD=X,DEV=Y". Some flowcharts have variables for it, others put it directly in the Audio Sink element. If you hear something interesting you can try comparing it to indentified samples from or . or the windows program, . Check or to see what's in the USA area at a given frequency.

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Modified: , had a frontend GUI and an increased sample rate. Right now the rate of the audio files saved out is... not very useful. But it sounds fine. Seen below.

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The data rate of 64k bits/sec represents the straightforward application ofsampling and quantization theory to audio signals. Techniques for lowering thedata rate further are based on the data stream by removing theinherent redundancies in speech signals. Data compression is the topic ofChapter 27. One of the most efficient ways of compressing an audio signal is, of which there are several variations andsubgroups. Depending on the speech quality required, LPC can reduce the datarate to as little as 2-6k bits/sec. We will revisit LPC later in this chapter with.

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discussed later in this chapter. An 8 kHz sampling rate, with an ADC precisionof 8 bits per sample, results in a data rate of 64k bits/sec. This is the data rate for natural sounding speech. Notice that speech requires less than 10%of the data rate of high fidelity music.