Sosa, Safety, Sensitivity, and Skeptical Hypotheses

Description: This document provides coastal county leaders and coastal managers with an overview of how environmental restoration initiatives can help strengthen the ongoing vitality of coastal economies. The issue brief is divided into four sections that provide examples from counties that are pursuing coastal restoration projects to: promote storm and flood resiliency; support coastal tourism; protect healthy fisheries, and create coastal jobs.

when no one mentions a skeptical hypothesis, the Rule of Sensitivity is ..

Investigations of the interactions of LSD with brain factors like serotonin anddopamine, however, are examples of how LSD can serve as a tool in brainresearch, in the study of the biochemical processes that underlie the psychicfunctions.

"Sosa, Safety, Sensitivity and Skeptical Hypotheses" ..

One of the good examples of an appropriate causal connection is thatof perception (specifically the one defended by H. P. Grice)

Of the numerous publications of this type thathave made effective lay propaganda for LSD, it is sufficient to cite just onemore example: a large-scale, illustrated article in Look magazine of September1959.

"When a Skeptical Hypothesis is Live"

Accordingly, if the skeptical possibility is indeedfar-fetched then it ought to be unable to influence my knowledge of everyday propositions or, for that matter, myknowledge of the denials of skeptical hypotheses.

The Argument from Skepticism for Contextualism | …

This was supposed to be the intuition thatDretske was trying to accommodate with his modal account of knowledge, but, as we saw, he in fact ended up with aslightly different view which did make far-fetched error-possibilities relevant to knowledge, albeit only knowledgeof the denials of skeptical hypotheses (note that it was this element of the view that resulted in the denial ofclosure).

I conclude that the argument from skepticism for contextualism ..

If the agent does indeed know everyday propositions then, in line with the central Mooreancontention, she will also know the denials of radical skeptical hypotheses, and this will be so no matter whatconversational context the agent is in.

Difficulties in refuting the brain-in-a-vat hypothesis ..

But since skeptical possible worlds are nowexcluded from the realm of safety, it follows that the agent must also have a safe belief that she is not a BIV(or, indeed, the victim of any skeptical hypothesis).


She noted thatso long as one sticks to the core RA conception of relevance then the proper conclusion to be extracted isprecisely that we concede a lack of knowledge of the denials of radical skeptical hypotheses, andthus reject closure.