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The Putnam team looked to whether social capital is (or exclusive) and/or (or inclusive). Putnam suggested that the former may be more inward looking and have a tendency to reinforce exclusive identities and homogeneous groups. The latter may be more outward-looking and encompass people across different social divides (Putnam 2000: 22).

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The World Bank: ‘Social capital refers to the institutions, relationships, and norms that shape the quality and quantity of a society’s social interactions… Social capital is not just the sum of the institutions which underpin a society – it is the glue that holds them together’ (The World Bank 1999).

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Rothstein, B. (2005). Social Traps and the Problem of Trust. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

This critical analysis of federal law enforcement gone tragically wrong, examines the need to reinforce the basic precepts of tolerance and freedom upon which American society is built.

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Abu-Jamal's Black Panther background and the political atmosphere of Philadelphia at the time stirred ardent advocates, pro and con, as the trial intersected racial politics and criminal justice.

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Scenes include conferences among parents, social workers, lawyers, and young offenders, interviews with psychologists, and meetings in the judge's chambers.

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By placing the camera next to the rifleman Farocki emphasises the social relationship between the one who fires and the one who films; between the one with force and the one who takes shots.

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Through candid interviews and news footage, Mike Reynolds and Marc Klaas--both fathers of murdered children--and other key players including judges, legal analysts, and state officials illuminate both sides of this heated issue, revealing how criminal justice policy is debated and promoted in today's media-saturated political climate--particulary in a state where more money is spent on prisons than on education.

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During therapy sessions to recover "repressed memories," the daughter exaggerates and embellishes her accusations as social workers, therapists, and officers of the court inadvertently egg her on.