What is the role of ATP and NADPH2 in the Calvin cycle

The phosphate group in NADPH doesn't affect the redox abilities of the molecule, it is too far away from the part of the molecule involved in the electron transfer. What the phosphate group does is to allow enzymes to discriminate between NADH and NADPH, which allows the cell to regulate both independently.

What is the importance of photosynthesis in an …
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In the most general sense, the primary function of the Calvin cycle is to make organic products plants need, using the products from the of photosynthesis (ATP and NADPH), These products include glucose, the sugar made using carbon dioxide and water, and also protein (using nitrogen fixed from the soil) and lipids (e.g., fats and oils).

What is the importance of photosynthesis in an ecosystem

What is the significance of photosynthesis
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Although the significance of their biosynthesis remains poorly understood, it was demonstrated that -oxidation occurs in rat liver but at a low rate, needs oxygen, NADPH and cytochrome P450.