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PISCATAWAY, N.J., Dec. 27, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — ., the leading global provider of gene synthesis services, announced today that it and GenScript USA Holding Inc., its wholly owned subsidiary, have entered into an agreement to acquire 100 percent of the issued shares of , a privately held DNA microarray company that provides customized oligonucleotide pools and microarrays to many of the world’s leading academic and industrial organizations for applications in targeted sequencing, complex DNA libraries, synthetic biology, shRNA libraries, and CRISPR, from all of its shareholders. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

CD4 aptamer-ROR gamma t shRNA chimera inhibits IL-17 synthesis by human CD4(+) T cells

Altogen’s shRNA knockdown service includes design, construction, and cloning of shRNA into commercially available vectors, design and synthesis of the SYBR-labeled qPCR primers for quantitation of target gene expression, shRNA transfection into the cell line supplied by the customer.

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Therefore, in the present study, we attempted to synthesize a CMB to enhance UTMD-mediated gene transfection efficiency and to inhibit the HIF-1α degradation through shRNA-mediated knockdown of PHD2 for rescuing myocardial function after ischemic myocardial injury.