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Mike is currently a senior in the Mechanical Science and Engineering Department at UIUC. He recently spent the spring in Stockholm, Sweden studying renewable energy technology and thermal power systems. He is working with a graduate student to study superhydrophobic heat exchangers.

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The program prepares students for professional careers in a variety of industries as well as for advanced study in this field. Design of materials with properties tailored for specific applications and the processes used to produce them are first introduced in the freshman year. This theme is developed throughout the curriculum in required and elective courses and culminates in a capstone design experience in the senior year. In the second year the student completes the basic courses in chemistry, physics and math and engineering (including basic circuits and electronics and the mechanics of solids and fluids) and is introduced to the microstructure and phase relationships of materials. The third year is devoted to a core series of materials courses, including thermodynamics; kinetics of processes; microstructure characterization; materials synthesis; and electronic, mechanical and thermal properties, complemented by a course on statistical data analysis and laboratories during both semesters. Selecting a focus area(s) by the second semester of the third year, the fourth year is devoted to in-depth study of the selected area(s), involving several elective courses plus processing, design and characterization (laboratory) courses, and culminating in a department-wide "capstone" senior design course in which the student integrates the knowledge obtained during his or her prior education. Students intending to continue with advanced study, in particular, are encouraged to undertake a senior thesis research project. The technical aspects of the curricula are complemented by composition, humanities and social science scourses and by material on leadership, ethics, team-building and environmental responsibility that are distributed throughout the curriculum.

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Sean is currently a senior in the Chemistry/Chemical Engineering Department at UIUC. He is working on industrial applications of graphene, as well as, the improvement of large scale graphene synthesis methods.

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Deokgeun is currently a junior in the Mechanical Science and Engineering Department at UIUC. He is studying droplet growth on superhydrophobic surfaces in the presence of non-condensables.

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The first two years of the Chemical Engineering curriculum provide a strong foundation in basic sciences through Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, an introduction to what Chemical Engineers do, and the fundamental basis of Chemical Engineering (Mass and Energy Balances and Thermodynamics.) In the third year, students delve deeper into more specialized Chemistry courses such as Physical and Analytical Chemistry, while exploring fundamental Chemical Engineering courses such as Momentum Transfer, Separations, and Reactor Design. The Senior year incorporates all of this learning through high level technical electives, Process Control, Capstone Lab, and Capstone Design courses. It is through the lab and design class that students apply everything they have learned in previous Chemical Engineering courses to real-world team projects and presentations.

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Yujin is currently a senior in the Mechanical Science and Engineering Department at UIUC. She is working with a graduate student to study droplet impact on flexible superhydrophobic surfaces.

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William graduated with a B.S. in Mechanical Science and Engineering at UIUC. He worked in the ETRL during his senior year (2014-2015) studying fabrication of scalable metal oxide nanostructured surfaces for phase change heat transfer applications. He is now an Operational Engineer for the Watlow Electric Manufacturing Company.