AtSPO11-1 is necessary for efficient meiotic recombination in ..

For example, aflatoxin biomarkers in humans do not reflect long-term aflatoxin intake; analysis of crops for aflatoxins do not reflect levels of aflatoxins consumed in foods after selection and processing.

In this example a population with 1% carriers of hepatitis B was assumed.

Cross-species extrapolation to man suggests that the amount of AFB1-albumin formed for a given exposure more closely approximates that in the sensitive species rather than the resistant, and indicates that the Fischer rat may be a more appropriate model than the mouse for molecular dosimetry studies of AFB1 when, for example, validating approaches for chemoprevention studies.

Meiosis, recombination and chromosomes: a review of …

The authors observed a lower level of AFB1 binding to liver DNA and plasma protein in the DHBV-infected ducks compared to non-infected ducks after a single dose of AFB1; this finding appeared inconsistent with the hypothesis that DHBV infection could increase the metabolic activation of AFB1, as has been observed in woodchucks and in some human data.

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If on the one hand semeiotic and pragmatism now appear connected by the concept of habit, on the other hand this union obliged Peirce to review the strength of the pragmatic maxim because a habit is not sustained by logical considerations only, but by ethical and esthetical as well. No wonder thus, that Peirce started to place ethics and aesthetics as normative sciences responsible, together with logic, for controlling human conduct. Pragmatism (or pragmaticism), is then redefined as a scientific method closed linked to deductive logic. In fact, in October 1913, a few months before his death and while writing his last article, Peirce shows uncertainty about the validity of pragmatism, for his method of clearing up ideas might have clung too much to analytical deduction while neglecting the creative power of abduction, or uberty (EP2, p.463).”

Lecture 10: Chromosome Mutations

(1994) tested the hypothesis that exposure to AFB1 alone or coincident with other environmental carcinogens might be associated with allelic losses occurring during development of human hepatocarcinogenesis (HCC) in China.

The hypothesis that gene duplication is ..

The results were consistent, the authors hypothesized, with the view that P450 3A4 is a major human liver P450 enzyme involved in AFB1 activation, although the in vivo situation may be more complex due to the presence of the enzyme in the gastrointestinal tract.