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At just the time that Iraq needed — and had the potential — to overcome sectarianism, Agresto writes, "The CPA thought it should choose the heads of various parties and sects vying for control, ." [author's emphasis]

Hart’s opponents wished to rescue the reputation of the 1919-23 IRA from allegation of sectarianism

The other group to whom Hart’s work was anathema was those who saw in it an agenda to delegitimize Irish republicanism by framing it as a sectarian or “ethnic” movement – the exact mirror image of its loyalist counterpart. Partition of Ireland was therefore a logical outcome and attempts to end it objectively sectarian. This was intensified by the fact that some media commentators, notably Kevin Myers and Eoghan Harris – used Hart’s work to show precisely this.

The Modernity of Sectarianism in Lebanon ..

It does so by exploring how multicultural agendas areoperationalised in Northern Ireland – a society divided along sectarian lines.

I contend that in their external relations ‘Quaker’ represents a meta-identity that is counter-cultural in its non-sectarianism, although this is more problematic within the organisation of Friends.

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Instead, the two processes are deeply imbricated witheach other: multicultural initiatives are shaped by sectarianism, and sectarianismpersists in emergent multicultural imaginaries.

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This said, the dissertation suggeststhat multiculturalism is also capable of disrupting sectarian constructions of spaceand identity in Northern Ireland.

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Based on these findings, this dissertation argues thatcultural diversity provides an opportunity to denaturalise the social structures andnarratives which reproduce sectarianism.

A further Covenanter military intervention began in 1643

One of the biggest issues and the archenemy of good CSR implementation is the socio-cultural complexity of the country. The issues are so complex, varied and often sensitive that companies do not want to tackle them for fear of losing rapport with the people. The problem is that if left unaddressed, these issues can and will impair all the other CSR efforts. Issue like religious intolerance, extremism, gender inequality and sectarianism can impede the growth of any country and Pakistan is no exception. Unless these issues are addressed, it seems pointless to pursue other easier, more palatable areas of concern. What is frightening about this is that as companies continue to do this, we will see that it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, a virtuous circle that creates problems upon problems in layers, with no end in sight.

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The reason I so like the ending section is that she takes head on a topic almost never discussed by Christians of profile leadership without some ire being raised - politics. But she does it in a way which sticks so strictly to her thesis of the book that she never edges into any political sectarianism. She states the biblical back-story of Israel’s theocracy and how that political formulation is handled in the old testament, and explores further how Jesus and Paul have interpreted the application of government in light of the new covenant. No political debate or posturing, yet clear scriptural wisdom and application. Surprising, refreshing and insightful.