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The Code of Guidance (a policy document which local authorities should refer to for guidance), sets out relevant factors regarding institutional background, such as the length of time a person was in care, or in prison or in the armed forces & whether the applicant has been able to obtain and/or maintain accommodation during that period. Unless institutionalisation can be proved, most prisoners will not be housed by the HPU unless they have an additional priority need. What housing advisors find is that most local authorities will look at whether the client has made themselves 'intentionally homeless' and whether they have a local connection to that borough at the first point of contact. Intentionally homeless in this context refers to someone who previously had a tenancy who either abandoned their property, or were evicted for non-payment of rent or anti-social behaviour. Prisoners often fall into this category of making themselves intentionally homeless for being absent from their home and usually unable to pay their rent, or evicted for breach of their tenancy conditions.

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is the only PDF viewer that we can truly recommend, since it supports all the features that Docear requires. . It needs two settings to be changed to enable Docear to import highlighted text. Usually Docear automatically changes this setting. However, if Docear does not import highlighted text you created with PDF-XChange Viewer, enable these settings in the preferences of PDF-XChange Viewer.

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If you activate this function, all your mind maps are stored on our server each time you save a mind map in Docear (of course, the original file remains on your computer). If you are not online at the time of saving, a copy is created and uploaded to our server the next time you are online. Your backups can be accessed through and you can not only access the latest version of your mind map but also all other revisions. That means, if you realize you made a mistake or you deleted a mind map by mistake, you can restore your mind map easily. In the future we plan to backup your reference data and PDFs as well, but for now only mind maps are stored on our server. If you use our backup feature, we will do some basic statistical analysis on your data. That means we will analyse how many users have how many mind maps (min, max, avg), how large mind maps are (file size), how often they are edited, etc. But we will not look into you mind maps.

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Through the Wates Giving programme we set up Changing Paths Charitable Trust. They help ex and serving offenders into sustainable employment predominately in London and the South East by working with the Wates project teams and their supply chains. We also run a series of programmes across the country every year called Building Futures where we work locally with our customers to provide specific employment programmes from our construction sites.

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Almost all funders like to receive a progress report from their successful candidates, so do take the time to let them know how the funds were used. This report may include both successes and setbacks with your course or activity. Maintaining contact like this may place you in a better position to make a second application for money from the same funder at a later date. You will see some extracts from letters from successful candidates scattered throughout the directory.

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Your reader should be able to visualize clearly the objects/settings/people involved in your story.Essays must have an appropriate, original title; contain an introduction (with an explicit, assertive thesis, underlined), several body paragraphs supporting the thesis, and an appropriate concluding paragraph; and avoid use of you throughout.

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*Defined by the administrative boundaries of the county of Surrey. The boundaries exclude the London boroughs of Croydon, Kingston, Richmond and Sutton. Young people temporarily resident closely outside the Surrey borders with substantial and current roots in Surrey can also be considered. Please also note that the Surrey Young People’s Fund has been set up as a funder of last resort.