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Transcription is the process of making any RNA, whether it is mRNA, ribosomal RNA (rRNA), transfer RNA (tRNA), as well as other small RNAs (we will take up siRNAs and similar molecules later).

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This kit is suitable for synthesis of high yield RNA transcripts and for incorporation of cap analogs (not included) or modified nucleotides (not included) to obtain capped, biotin-labeled or dye-labeled RNA.

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This poly-A tail is needed for the mRNA's transport to the cytoplasm (as a specific protein binds to it causing its transport), for its stability, and for the translation most mRNAs.

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There is increasing demand for RNA and modified RNA oligonucleotides, but in contrast to DNA oligonucleotides, they are typically prohibitively expensive to chemically synthesize, and unlike longer RNAs, they are only inefficiently produced by transcription, especially when modified. To address these challenges, we previously reported the evolution of a thermostable DNA polymerase, SFM4-3, that more efficiently accepts substrates with 2′-substituents. We now show that SFM4-3 efficiently transcribes RNA or 2′-F-modified RNA and that it also efficiently PCR amplifies oligonucleotides of mixed RNA and DNA composition. In addition, with thermocycling and the use of a novel DNA template, we demonstrate a polymerase chain transcription (PCT) reaction that results in the exponential production of orders of magnitude more RNA or modified RNA than is available by conventional transcription. PCT is more efficient and general than conventional transcription and can produce large amounts of any RNA or modified RNA oligonucleotide at a fraction of the cost of chemical synthesis.

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Larger size bands may also be observed when the RNA transcript is not completely denatured due to the presence of strong secondary structure.

RNA Transcript of Smaller Size than Expected
If denaturing gel analysis shows the presence of smaller bands than expected, it is most likely due to premature termination by the polymerase.