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Last October, Howard Kamarata lost three fingers during a home improvement mishap. Kamarata was in shock and uncertain how he could move on after the accident. Enter Casey Barrett. An industrial designer, Barrett heard Kamarata’s story and offered to make him new fingers. After gaining access to a 3D printer and design templates, Barrett walked into Home Depot with $100 and exited with the materials to complete the prosthetic glove. Now, with the help of Barrett’s glove, Kamarata is able to carry plates, pick up water bottles and dial phones.

Penile Implant Procedure Details of No-Touch Technique

A finger prosthesis comprising a tip for simulating different functions of a finger and a ring for attaching the prosthesis to a stump

When effecting a circumference reduction in a finger model, the authorshad used the circumference of the model of the residuum rather than that ofthe residuum as the baseline. Circumference measurement of theresiduum obtained using a soft measuring tape has the disadvantage ofvariability, as it is dependent on the tension in the tape around the residuumwhen taking the measurement. It has also been noted that the measuredcircumference of the finger residuum tended to be smaller than the measuredcircumference of a model of itself in epoxy resin. The difference that wasobserved from this study was 1-2 mm, depending on the size of the digitinvolved. This discrepancy is attributable to the different extent to whichthe measuring tape can be snugly applied around the hard epoxy model and thesoft tissues of the residuum. The measured circumferences of the residua werereferred to and checked against when modifying the finger models.