(Version 2 now on Macintosh and Windows).

The very first approach we had to driving at all was that it was going to be that you were sitting in the car and it was realistic and you could see the truck.

It is available for download and also lists some sites featuring plugins you can download to use.

The original Omnisphere took the 'samples and synthesis' approach to sound creation dating back to 1987's Roland D-50 and reinvented it for the 21st century. With its huge audio soundbank, exciting new sound-shaping systems, easy browser and powerful virtual analogue architecture, it was a sound designer's dream come true.

Win95 wave renderer that uses graphic input to shape theaudio output.

The web site also provides a discussion forum and selected articles from the magazine.

More importantly, though, the code has been reworked from the ground up and makes use of a zero-feedback delay filter design that makes this new version sound a lot more realistic.

Beta version available for download.

Arturia's emulation is now more than a decade old, so could almost be seen as a vintage software instrument, but with the company's TAE (True Analogue Emulation) technology at its core, the CS-80V remains a hugely popular plugin.

Includes files & resources for you to download.

As a straight emulation the SEM V ticks all the boxes, but the software has so much more to offer when you explore it in greater depth: small but effective additions to the SEM design, advanced voice editing features and, of course, an excellent polyphonic mode.

JMusic is a library of classes for generating and manipulating music.

The FM8, which emulates said hardware, is now practically legendary too. Not only does it sound great, but it also makes the notoriously difficult process of FM programming much simpler, even going so far as to offer an Easy editing page for beginners. Those who want to get their hands dirtier can go the Expert page.

It is able to write MIDI and audio files.

Needless to say, the SEM V's architecture is an accurate recreation of the SEM's set-up. Tune the VCOs, apply some envelope modulation to the filter and you're immediately in classic SEM territory, wallowing in fat basses and warm, funky leads.

is a free softsynth for Windows XP and PowerPC.

Combining powerful digital oscillators with an analogue-style semi-modular architecture, Bazille is a sound designer's dream come true.

Essential readingfor the serious recording artist.

The SEM is legendary precisely because it does things differently to most other synths. The basic synth architecture is fairly standard: the SEM is a monophonic synth with two oscillators (pulse and sawtooth waves), two ADSD envelope generators and a sine wave LFO.