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It is now 2 yrs since my tkr, and still cannot kneel on the replacement knee. My surgeon did tell me that I would no longer be able to kneel, but aquaintances have disagreed with this comment, saying that they can kneel OK. Reading the above comments it would seem that others agree that kneeling can be achived. My other knee is way past replacement, but I am holding back, and putting up with the pain, so that I don’t lose the total abillity to kneel. If I was to fall, which has happened on a few occaisions, I would be like a beatle on it’s back, unable to gain the vertical position again, without help.

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I am 56 and 6 weeks post-op bilateral knee replacement. My doctor and my physical therapist both told me I should not kneel due to the ‘button’ on the inside of the replaced knee caps. They are prone to becoming wedged and/ or bent if forced against the joint prosthesis, which would necessitate another surgery to undo the damage.
I have tried to garden and have found the easiest position is seated on a low stool (higher than a footstool). To rise I can use the legs of the stool or the seat itself for leverage and support. It’s not the best solution but it works for now.

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