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DV returned to Andhra Pradesh and rallied the Andhra organization aroundhim. He pushed through a merger of the into UCCRI(ML) in June 1976. He resurrected aprovisional Central Committee including himself, the PCRC secretary (Harbhajan Sohi) and two leaders from Andhra Pradesh (Madhu and Anand) until a regular party conference could be held.

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Dateline LONDON: At 3:30 p.m., Allen Vincatassin was sworn in as the President of the first Provisional Government of Diego Garcia and the Chagos Islands, in exile, in a special ceremony in the presence of the Mayor of Crawley, the Mayoress, politicians, Laura Moffatt (former MP for Crawley), Council representatives, local & national organisations, and members of the community, after winning a ballot of support which was conducted by the Electoral Reform Services in December 2010 in Crawley. Mr Selmour Cherry was elected as Vice President.
The occasion was also marked by the opening of a new office in the Bewbush Centre, by the Mayor and the President. A special message of congratulation was sent from Westminster by Henry Smith MP for Crawley, who has given his full support. The swearing-in ceremony was performed by Rev. David Sladden.

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Once a provisional patent application is filed, any supplies of technology to further develop an invention prior to preparing/submitting a complete patent application will require a permit.