College students build 3D-printed prosthetic hands for kids

She said that material combination makes prosthetics durable enough for kids to play on the playground or a baseball field without worrying about it breaking.

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I didn’t go into detail about the amputation surgery, as at that age I had not explained to Victor what his surgery had entailed; only that they had changed his leg so he could wear his prosthetic leg, and also, I didn’t want to alarm the children. I made sure the book had no information that Victor didn’t already know, so like our talk to the class, the book would not hold any surprises for him. I created the book in MS Publisher and printed it at Officeworks in colour-on card paper. You could also use MS Word, but it is not quite as easy.

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Liners play an important role in the comfort and health for prosthetic leg users

Firstly, I spoke to Victor about my talk to his peers, so there would be no surprises and he would be comfortable with it. I was clear about my purpose and made sure it was short in duration. I took a bag with Victor’s earlier prostheses in it, and initially kept it out of view. I told the children that when Victor was born, he was a beautiful baby, and that he had one big leg and one little leg. I explained that when he started to walk, he found it was hard to do with one big leg and one little leg, so when he was two years old, the doctors changed the shape of his leg so he could wear a bigger leg on top of his little one. This meant his two legs would be the same size and he would be able to walk more easily.