Winona Knitters provide prosthesis for breast cancer survivors

Lawrence said Webb treated him after his accident and recommended him as the first local patient for the grant project. Biomedical engineering students and staff spent a couple hours with Lawrence on Thursday, making sure the new prosthesis fit perfectly and matched the movement of his other leg.

Florida high school students design prosthetic leg for ..

One such student is junior Gracie Kimbrell. Gracie has conducted several projects through the engineering program at Bryant High School, the latest being a prosthetic hand she designed and printed on a 3-D printer for Springhill Elementary School kindergartner Emma Kincaid.

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01.01.2018 · Bryant student engineers prosthetic hand for kindergartner ..

Williams also noted that the expense of prostheses can add up quickly when working with a growing child like Emma, but the Bryant High School engineering department should be able to adjust and print new prostheses as she grows.