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In 1987 John Shnier was awarded Canada Prix de Rome in Architecture. His tenure in Rome included founding and renovating the venue for all future Laureates.
He co-founded Kohn Shnier with Martin Kohn shortly after returning from Italy.
He was Partner-in-Charge of the 519 Church Street Community Centre, The Shore and Moffat Library and Eric Arthur Gallery; both at the University of Toronto Faculty of Architecture Landscape and Design, as well as the EJ Pratt Library at Victoria University.
John has designed and led the teams responsible for Umbra projects and his residential projects include House at Riding Mountain National Park, Lake House, and The House on Webatuck Creek in Connecticut.
John is an Associate Professor in the Graduate Programme at the Faculty of Architecture Landscape and Design at the University of Toronto.
He was the 2007 recipient of the Sheff Visiting Chair in Architecture in Montreal. In that same year, Shnier was honoured by the Governor General as part of the 50th anniversary celebrations of the Canada Council for the Arts.
John rides his bike too, but not as seriously as Martin and Maggie.

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Thanks. January 15, 201 A bit of a rarity occurred Sunday....Susie, Tate and I all flew via RV to lunch. Tate flew in the back of Chris Pratt's unbelievably beautiful -8 (his first ride in an 8 - pic right). We ended up with (8) RVs on the ramp and enjoyed a fun walk to and from the Hard Eight BBQ. It's been too long. Susie and I launched early so we could stop in Mineral Wells for cheaper gas on the way down ($3.79). Five minutes added to the trip to Stephenville, but saved nearly $10 total (KSEP was $4.33). We called Mineral Wells Unicom ten miles out asking for fuel and the nice lady said 'shut down next to the fuel truck'. The truck was running and ready to go when we taxied up. Had us on our way in about ten minutes. What great service!
It's always nice to catch up with other members of the B.C.

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