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From there it went straight to hell in a handbasket. There were no more polite questions, just angry statements of fact or fiction depending upon your viewpoint. It became a minature tower of Babel, and Charlie lost all control, if she had any to begin with. She remembered clearly the black man standing up and yelling that he was being pigeon-holed by the machinations of jealous white women despite his PhD in Computer Science. The beautiful but foul-smelling woman claimed that her disability was being used by those superiors jealous of her beauty to prevent her from moving into the Division management training program.

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She submitted her PhD thesis as well as two papers that had a very narrow audience to demonstrate her theory on this subject had been considered to be possible under certain circumstances. Based on her limited knowledge of the patient, there was a better than fifty-fifty chance that her approach might significantly improve Charlie's sex drive. There was a pitched battle on the subject by the committee, but when the dust settled, upper management decided to give her an opportunity, a very limited one at that, to demonstrate feasibility. Doctor Eliot was about to make or break her reputation at the hospital, but she was already becoming bored with her limited opportunities for advancement. She was young, attractive and good in bed, always willing to sleep with the right members of the staff and allow them to do things to her body that even her former mentor dared not suggest. The prospect of sooner or later having to allow her latest bedmate to watch her copulate with his trained dog made her stomach extremely queasy. Unless she had a breakthrough with this patient, she was doomed no matter what happened next.

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