Advances in Solid-Phase Cycloadditions for Heterocyclic Synthesis.

Though we cannot generalize this specific ratio to larger array sizes, these results suggest that only a fraction of peptides in a given array need to be synthesized to identify the rules of that array, and the remaining synthesis can be tailored based on those specific rules.

Living Radical Polymerization as a Tool for the Synthesis of Polymer-Protein/Peptide Bioconjugates.

To investigate the consistency of peptide S/N relationships across distinct experimental arrays, we focus on two synthesized peptide arrays, each containing two consecutive variable positions (represented by all 19 amino acids except for cysteine).

synthesized by solid-phase peptide synthesis.

The K-peptide array synthesis and methods have been previously published and contains peptides of the form Ac-GRKacXZC, where X and Z represent all combinations of 19 amino acids (cysteine omitted) for a total of 361 peptides.

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Such computational models allow for the design of arrays consisting of only high / peptides without costly screens or unnecessary peptide library syntheses.

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B., Synthesis of azide-alkyne fragments for click' chemical applications; formation of oligomers from orthogonally protected trialkylsilyl-propargyl azides and propargyl alcohols.

An integrated approach for Biomapping

We simulated a partially synthesized array by randomly selecting subsets of peptides from each array to train the machine learning model to predict / of the nonselected peptides.

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Preparation, Characterization, and Application of Poly(vinyl alcohol)-graft-Poly(ethylene glycol) Resins: Novel Polymer Matrices for Solid-Phase Synthesis.

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The cost of manufacturing and hence purhcasing PepSets is kept down thanks in part to Mimotopes’ unique proprietary solid-phase technology and also to their simultaneous synthesis in an unpurified, 96-well array format which is ideal for screening purposes. This also allows many more peptides to be made and tested than would be possible if every peptide was individually characterized before bioassay. Peptides found to be bioactive can then be obtained in purified form for confirmatory experiments and for larger-scale work.

Owing to the economies of scale of parallel synthesis, the average cost of PepSets peptides decreases as the size of the set increases. In addition, because of its unique Synthesis technology, Mimotopes can choose the appropriate scale of synthesis for your PepSets. You therefore pay only for what you need and not for excess mass due to larger synthesis scale technologies.

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R.; Lober, S.; Hubner, H.; Gmeiner, P., Click chemistry on solid phase: parallel synthesis of -benzyltriazole carboxamides as super-potent G-protein coupled receptor ligands.