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"Comparison of polyetheretherketone (PEEK) cage and cervical disc prostheses used in anterior cervical microscopic discectomy operations." 6 (2017), 1-8.

Cervical disc-prosthesis and PEEK-Cage in a prospective clinical study: two years follow up

The patients’ preoperative and postoperative cervical graphics disc height, cervical axis and segmental angles were evaluated to determine statistical relationships with neurological situation and quality of life.
Results: In the cervical disc prosthesis group (Group A) in the early postoperative period (3rd week), 3rd month and late period (18-36 months), the intervertebral disc height measurements were significantly higher than the cervical PEEK cage group (Group B) (early p

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Results showed no signs of prosthesis subsidence, and adjacent levels showed no degeneration or kyphosis.

Clinical evaluation of the patients found no statistical difference in the evaluation of VAS, NDI or Odom scores of the two groups before and after the operation.
Conclusion: It was shown that in the cervical disc prosthesis group (Group A) in the early and later postoperative period, intervertebral disk heights were preserved by a statistically significant amount compared to the PEEK cage group (Group B).