Why did Japan Attack Pearl Harbor? Why did Japan Attack Pearl Harbor?

Bob Dole's former chief of staff, political scientist, a lawyer, he went to school with Rumsfeld and others, he wrote his thesis about how to turn America into a dictatorship using a fake Pearl Harbor attack.

1. David Kahn, The Intelligence Failure Of PearlHarbour, Foreign Affairs (Fall 1991) Page 148

The Germans sometimes attacked American President Franklin D. Roosevelt. In a 1944 leaflet used on the Italian front they depicted Roosevelt as "Death," with a skeleton's body holding a scythe. A long line of American troops walks past the figure toward their death. The text, a quote from a prewar Roosevelt speech is, "I assure you again and again and again that no American boys will be sacrificed on foreign battlefields. Franklin D. Roosevelt. Oct. 31, 1940." The Nazis conveniently forget to mention the Japanese attack on the United States fleet at Pearl Harbor, and the fact that Adolf Hitler declared war on the United states shortly afterwards.

On our last day in Hawaii we went to see Pearl Harbor

3. David Kahn, The Intelligence Failure Of PearlHarbour, Foreign Affairs (Fall 1991) Page144

Another good one would be:Pearl harbour: A day in history in which the hellfire, the kamakazie, the divine wind of the Japanese septs past as a silent assasialnt, butchering all in its path, gliding majesticly over the waters, slaughtering the unprepared prey which the USA was: Undefended, the tiger had found its target, and like any bloodthirsty animal, was calculated and malicious. Leaving in its a wake a path strewn with the bodies of thousands of dead seamen and battleships which had been left to fester at the bottom of the ocean deeps, this was a day in history, in which the world, will continue to weep.A side note you should also evaluate the fact that this attack gave the USA an incentive to build a weapon to destroy the world and leave the earth no longer a safe place to live. A great point to build arguments and bring up the question “Whos fault was the atomic bomb”