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Partial hip replacement using Bipolar hip systems are a reliable and effective treatment option for hip fractures and diseased femoral heads and/or necks. The Bipolar shell articulates against the host acetabular articular cartilage, preserving acetabular bone stock for future considerations.

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• 00.72, Revision of hip replacement, femoral component (includes partial hip revision of femoral component only and that with exchange of acetabular liner or exchange of femoral stem and head);

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Key Facts Unicompartimental Knee Replacement (Repicci Prosthesis) Inpatient treatment:.Partial Hip Implants.

Although the anatomic differences between hip disarticulation and transpelvic (hemipelvectomy) amputations are considerable, prosthetic component selection and alignment for both levels are quite similar. The major differences are in socket design and will therefore be discussed in some detail. A full surgical report identifying muscle reattachments along with postoperative radiographs can be extremely valuable during the initial examination of the amputation site, particularly if any portions of the pelvis have been excised. This information, combined with a thorough physical examination and a precise plaster impression, will influence the ultimate fit and function of the prosthesis.