Why does photosynthesis take place in the palisade …

cells are tall and closely packed to absorb maximum light. They contain many chloroplasts. Most photosynthesis takes place in the palisade cells.

Beneath the palisade mesophyll are the spongy mesophyll cells, which also perform photosynthesis.

There are different organelles of the palisade cell but there are six main organelles, The nucleus,cell wall,cell membrane,chloroplast,vacuole and the cytoplasm.
The chloroplast is the organelle that makes food for the cell, that process is called photosynthesis.

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The palisade mesophyll tissue is a layer of cells in a leaf. These cells all contain numerous chloroplasts, which contain the green chemical required for photosynthesis. At the top of the slide you can also see some epidermal cells. These do NOT contain chloroplasts. Their job is to keep water in the leaf and stop bacteria and fungi from getting in.