Osmium tetroxide-promoted catalytic oxidative cleavage …

The powder of osmium reacts very poorly with the concentrated nitric acid and aqua regia.
However, when exposed to air osmium powder can oxidize to a highly toxic osmium tetroxide, hence osmium powder is stored in sealed ampoules.

Osmium tetroxide has been used in fingerprint ..

Ruthenium tetroxide penetrates tissue very slowly, reacting strongly with proteins, glycogen and monosaccharides.Ruthenium tetroxide in comparison to osmium tetroxide can be used in more aggressive form of staining for the study of polymers by TEM.Supplied in pre-scored ampoules each with its own ampoule cracker.Note: Occasionally, black rings may be seen at the tip of the ampoules and are due to oxidation of the vapors during sealing process of ampoules.

Osmium tetroxide (also osmium ..

surprising colour change, osmium expands its coordination sphere to six, the product is  and the OH groups are  (opposite each other).

The use of an amine -oxide such as as cooxidant for osmium tetroxide-catalyzed dihydroxylation has become the standard method for the preparation of -1,2-diols because of the higher yield of diol product and less byproduct formation compared with oxidations carried out with , metal chlorates, and . Other alkylamine -oxides such as have also been used in the catalytic dihydroxylation.