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On the past practice that droplets made of ionization can make the synthesis faster, Graham Cooks the leading scientist for the research made further optimization of this example and employed droplets produced in accordance with Leidenfrost effect, combining the other factor that can influence synthesis speed-order of magnitude as the activation energy for that bulk salvation reaction is much higher. Thus the droplets are at millilitre-scale. The synthesis reaction can be boosted to a greater level.

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The undergoing studies for the more advanced chemistry synthesis of heterocyclic molecules aims to combine several reactions into a more general one, in which components can react into next stages at the same time to be more efficient by involving less steps. And this process is called multi-component reactions.

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Synthesis is never an easy job to do, for the simple ones, research labs may choose to do themselves, but for the complicated ones, they often turn to professional synthesis organizations but always with a not cheap price, especially for the ones that are needed in a relatively small quantity and no other parts can share the cost. Such development will be no doubt a boost in saving both budget and time for researches.

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Organolithium can spontaneously catch fire in air and it can react with water, which makes unwanted reactions appear where water exists. The method the chemist team developed to overcome such issues is cheap and green. It’s said the main material needed for the preparation of the replacement is used as chicken feed, from which it can be judged that the cost should be much lower than the conventional version.

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However the synthesis of organofluorine compounds has been faced with some thorn issues all the time-low efficiency and high cost. Until recently, a more advanced method is developed to improve the situation to facilitate the synthesis of this category of chemicals.

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Organolithium is an essential part for organic chemistry like chemistry synthesis, but with great danger to apply them in practice. A lot of accidents caused by the applications in researches, then developing an alternative to replace it while improve efficiency and save budget was conceived. Finally, an ideal replacement was found by a research team led by Eva Hevia and composed of chemists from UK and Spain.

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Leidenfrost effect refers to the phenomenon that liquid will produce droplets and form a vapor layer when in contact with surface that is in hotter than the boiling temp. The team experimented on three organic compounds synthesis, and all of them were performed much faster than same synthesis carried out in ionization droplets. And milligram level of compounds can be easily got through this way, ideally fit into research purpose.

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But as the multi-component reactions require a certain level of compound activity to ensure the reactions can be carried out, thus the origin state of the chemicals should be paid attention to. They are not supposed to be too energetic ore too inactive. At present the synthesis of nitrogen-containing heterocyclic compound is a typical example, and the problem presented in the process will be made use of for further study on the new pattern of synthesis.