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CM3022 Synthesis, Structure and Reactivity of Organic Compounds, which includes: Synthesis, structure and reactions of heterocyclic aromatic compounds including pyrrole, furan, thiophene, pyridine, pyridine N-oxide, indole quinoline and isoquinoline. Functional group chemistry of organosulphur and organophosphorus compounds. Structure and reactivity of free radicals, carbenes, nitrenes and benzynes. Introduction to the design of organic synthesis; disconnections, synthons and synthetic equivalents and survey of synthetic methods. Functional group chemistry based on oxygen and nitrogen. Advanced stereochemistry. Amino acids and related compounds. Advanced 1H NMR spectroscopy. Introduction to 13C NMR. Mass spectrometry of organic compounds).

Controlled Microwave Heating in Modern Organic Synthesis: Highlights from 2004-2008 literature.

It is pertinent to understand the structure of proposed organic building blocks and synthesis method in order to achieve thermodynamic control for reversible reactions prescribed in the DCC strategy.

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Scott E. Allen was born in 1984 in Kutztown, Pennsylvania. He received his B.S. in chemistry from Penn State University, where he performed undergraduate research with Dr. Xumu Zhang. He then joined the laboratory of Dr. Marisa C. Kozlowski at the University of Pennsylvania, where his research focused on computational organic chemistry studies of N-heterocyclic carbene-catalyzed reactions in collaboration with Dr. Jeffery Bode at the ETH. Upon completion of his Ph.D. in early 2013, Scott joined the laboratory of Dr. Albert Bowers at the UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy as a postdoctoral associate.

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Miyaura developed a certain new catalytic cycle starting from transmetalation to give an aryl- or 1-alkenylrhodium(I) intermediate for 1,4-addition of aryl- or 1-alkenylboronic acids to α,β-unsaturated carbonyl compounds, which has been proved to be a quite general cycle allowing various addition and coupling reactions of organometallic and -nonmetallic compounds.

Allen was born in 1984 in Kutztown, Pennsylvania

Miyaura's research on metal-catalyzed B-C bond-forming reactions for the syntheses of organoboronic acids and esters greatly contributed to recent advances in organoborane chemistry and organic syntheses using organoboranes.

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It is the first step in metal-catalyzed 1,4-addition of organic electrophiles to electron-deficient alkenes and the second step in the palladium- or nickel-catalyzed cross-coupling reactions of organoboron compounds with carbon nucleophiles.

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For the synthesis of allylic boron compounds, cross-coupling reaction of Knochel's IZnCH2Bpin with 1-halo-1-alkenes, cross-coupling reaction of allyl acetates with B2pin2, metathesis reaction between a pinacol allylboronate and alkenes, and regioselective rhodium-catalyzed hydroboration of allenes have been developed as simple methods for preparation of allylboronates, which are valuable reagents for diastereoselective allylboration of carbonyl compounds.

In conclusion, professor Miyaura has carried out the creative works in a field of organic syntheses on the basis of catalysis and organoboron chemistry.

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They are synthesized purely from organic building units that are linked by irreversible covalent bonds creating highly ordered and pre-designable two dimension and three dimension architecture.