Main Group Metals in Organic Synthesis. 2 Volume Set

The Lonergan group is made up of researchers with diverse backgrounds ranging from synthetic organic chemistry to applied physics. Students in the group draw on classic topics from chemistry (physical, organic, and inorganic), physics and more specialized areas such as polymer chemistry, electrochemistry, and semiconductor device physics. Major tools used by the group include a wide variety of electrical and electrochemical methods, organic and polymer chemistry, techniques for molecular and polymer characterization, numerical simulation, and a range of surface analytical and imaging tools. Please visit the lab website to learn more.

Donahue Research Group investigates new reactions for the synthesis of carbon-nitrogen bonds.

Transition-Metal-Catalyzed Regio- and Stereoselective Halothiolation of Alkynes
The -difunctionalization of carbon-carbon unsaturated bonds represents an ideal synthetic method in organic chemistry, which can install two functional groups to organic unsaturated molecules in one step.

Organic Chemistry Resources Worldwide

A short documentary-style film that introduces total synthesis to a general audience