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Chemistry is the area of science in which the composition, structure, properties, and reactions of substances are studied. The Chemistry Department at Sacramento State offers a BS in Chemistry, a BS in Biochemistry, a BA in Chemistry (including concentrations in Biochemistry or Forensic Chemistry), and the MS degree in Chemistry (including a concentration in Biochemistry).

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The program centers on a core of four courses designed to increase a student's knowledge and skills in applications of analytical techniques, general instrumentation techniques, chemical separation techniques, and analysis of spectra with applications in the field of biochemistry and organic chemistry primarily. Electives are offered to permit students to expand further their knowledge and skills in chemistry. A minimum overall and semester GPA of 3.00 must be maintained to sustain good standing in the graduate program. A grade of "C" or better in individual courses is required for graded work to be credited toward fulfillment of the master's degree. Students not meeting these requirements are subject to probationary status and potential disqualification from the program. In addition, students must regularly attend seminars offered approximately once a week each semester. Each student will give one seminar during his/her tenure as a graduate student that is on a literature topic not related to his/her thesis topic and another on his/her thesis results. Participation in seminar expands a student's knowledge of current research in chemistry and also assists in developing his/her oral presentation skills.

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All new graduate students must take two placement exams, in organic and physical chemistry, administered at the beginning of each semester. These exams cover topics commonly found in undergraduate courses. Exam results are used to determine undergraduate deficiencies in these areas of chemistry. All deficiencies must be removed by either taking and passing with a grade of "B" an appropriate undergraduate course or by taking again and passing the placement exam. A placement exam can be taken only twice; if the exam is not passed after the second attempt, the appropriate undergraduate course must be completed with a minimum grade of "B" in the first attempt.

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Design of transition and rare earth metal compounds with conducting and magnetic properties. Applications of supramolecular chemistry of anions and organic radicals in the design of functional materials and drugs. Anticancer properties of photochemically activated metal drug complexes for photodynamic therapy. Metal-metal bonded complexes as solar photochemical and electrochemical catalysts for water and carbon dioxide reduction.

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The Department believes advising of students is an important function. Members of the Chemistry Department who have a strong interest in advising have been selected to serve as advisors for students wishing to major in chemistry. Each represents a particular area of chemistry: analytical, inorganic, biochemistry, organic, and physical. Each Chemistry major will be assigned to one of these advisors when entering the Chemistry Department, coordinated to the area of each student's expressed interest.

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Research in the Bergbreiter group focuses on polymer, organic, catalysis, and surface chemistry and involves modifying polymers, inventing sustainable safe solvents, and making synthetic and catalysis chemistry greener.

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Qualified graduate students may be hired for a limited number of positions as teaching associates (TA). TAs teach undergraduate chemistry laboratories and discussions. Eligibility requirements include: classified status, minimum cumulative GPA 3.0, good English communication skills, passing score on a general chemistry examination. Continuing students desiring support as a TA will be evaluated on the basis of past performance as a TA and academic record as a graduate student in the program. Contact the Department Chair for current employment information.