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Well, as I wrote in the original review, it can be difficult to compare reward systems because the value of your Aeroplan miles varies widely due to the huge differences in ticket prices between different times of year or the particular cities you fly to/from (this also applies to Avion by the way). And if you regluarly fly business or first-class, then redeeming Aeroplan miles for these flights gives those points a lot more value than they would have for people who only fly economy (does not apply to Avion).

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I went and spoke to my bank rep at BMO today re: BMO World Elite card. They advised me since I have business there they can credit me half the yearly fee including any additional cards (I can get this yearly). Also, my rep who uses the travel service advised that if you find a more competitive price elsewhere (expedia, travelocity etc.), they will match it. Also, they waive any of the booking fee’s over phone to accommodate this. Furthermore, they have eliminated any fees to book online as well. I like the fact you get automatic included membership to VIP Lounge and no redemption tiers. I think at the end of the day this card seems to be more hassle free, also taking into consideration what I’ve read above regarding the credit limit issues with C1.

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The answer is in the online redemption system where they’ll allow you to split the cost of travel up into “tickets”. So in this case, I can split the trip into “2 tickets”, thus allowing me to claim my full 100k points in exchange for 1 of the tickets.

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I thought it was pretty clear in the section “How Does Aspire Compare to Other Travel Cards?” that the TD First Class Infinite Visa was a close competitor, but as it only offers 1.5% on most purchases, it gets trumped by Aspire. The only way Infinite beats Aspire is when more than 16.7% of your credit card spending is for travel booked through the TD travel agency. And since TD doesn’t give you points on your free travel (believe it or not, Capital One does), you actually have to have more than 18.7% of your annual expenditures to be for travel, in order to beat Aspire.