Rig Count Rises As Oil Holds Firm"

How can anyone stop all this? The globalists don’t care what the populace thinks. With regard to all that they are putting in our atmosphere, our water, our food, that causes all our physical and terminal illnesses, I don’t see any globalists or other self important people and their families wearing gas masks so, they have to be taking some kind of antidote or preventative inoculant.

Rig Count Rises As Oil Holds Firm

2. This is all conjecture and deductions based on known timetables, but I think I may have figured out the false flag purpose of the “coronal mass ejection drill” on 11/4.

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Given that Trump’s going to be in Japan on 11/5, it would be logical for him to be airborne on 11/4. That “drill” would go live, being used as a murder weapon in a plot to assassinate Donald Trump. The plot would be easy to cover up without expertise in electronic forensics as an “unfortunate plane crash.”

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Phytoplankton are one of the primary producers in the ocean; like plants, they carry out photosynthesis to covert inorganic nutrients and light energy into organic material.

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Manufactured public distractions are a primary tool of the power structure. From the JFK records release bluff, to the Trump / Clinton / Russia dramas, mass distraction theater is keeping the public attention off of the wider horizon of converging existential threats. Massive global tree loss, acidified oceans, and empty fish nets, yet the sell-off of the Gulf of Mexico for oil drilling by the current administration sets a new record. How long can humanity survive on a planet with no functional living habitat? We are about to find out. The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

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Last week Dane talked about the plague in Madagascar and I thought it seemed suspicious, perhaps a deliberate bio-war to get the people out. Why? Because of oil on the island!. I researched it and saw several headlines from the news such as the BBC in UK "The rising prices of oil on world markets coupled with new technologies aim to turn the Indian Ocean island (Madagascar) famous for its unique habitats and wildlife into a significant oil producer". The wildlife won't stand a chance again! “Oil promises a bright future for Madagascar”

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If they were to disconnect the gas supply they would have a very different problem, with very high levels of demand in winter and heavy dependence on the generator, which would need to be upsized to 15-20kW. It would make more sense to install an oil boiler and perhaps an AGA, which is also a water heater. You get much more heat per litre of fuel that way, although the fuel would typically be kerosene, not gas oil, in a domestic installation.


CO2 is not used in the light reactions of photosynthesis, it is used in the Calvin Cycle which converts inorganic carbon in the form of CO2 into organic carbon or biomass that makes up the tissues of the plant.