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level α at 0.05 and used the critical value approach to conduct his hypothesis test, Hypothesis Testing: Examples;.An "if, then" statement is an example of a scientific hypothesis; for instance, "If I brush my teeth daily, I won't develop cavities." The null hypothesis, a statement .Looking for some examples of hypothesis?

The null hypothesis (H 0) if your prediction is incorrect, that doesn’t mean the science is bad.

... that null hypothesis statistical tests are of dubious value. This argument has been made by many others in many fields: psychology (Schmidt 1996), education (Nix & Barnette 1998), political science (=-=Gill & Meier 1999-=-) and wildlife research (Johnson 1999). At the very least, they should be replaced by confidence intervals so that we can judge if the performance gains reported are of practical importance. Kibler an...

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It is evident that the null hypothesis must be exact, Computer Science; Philosophy.

The Canada social science dictionary [1] provides the following meaning of Null Hypothesis: When testing a research hypothesis, which the researcher has good reason to believe is true, it is customary to use a null hypothesis. This is typically a hypothesis of no difference or of no association between variables. If the research hypothesis is that men have a higher rate of suicide than do women, the null hypothesis would be that there is no difference in suicide rates between men and women. Researcher then try to disprove the null hypothesis and if they fail to reject it, they accept the research hypothesis. See: FALSIFIABILITY (OR REFUTABILITY) in this legal dictionary and in the world encyclopedia of law.