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A thesis master’s POS committee consists of at least three members of the graduate faculty. It must include two members, including the major professor, from the major or program. The committee must include member(s) from different fields of emphasis so as to ensure diversity of perspectives. A term member of the graduate faculty may participate in the direction of a student’s master’s research as a co-major professor if a member of the graduate faculty serves as a co-major professor and jointly accepts responsibility for the direction of a program of study. A non-thesis master's degree needs a minimum of one committee member. Programs may establish requirements for more than one member. For more information on duties and makeup of the committee as well as changes to the committee makeup, see the Graduate College Handbook.

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For those students originally admitted to the Graduate College on a nondegree basis, no more than 9 semester hours of graduate credit earned under the nondegree option may be applied if the student later chooses to undertake a graduate degree program. The student’s program of study committee will recommend to the Graduate College which courses (if any) taken on a nondegree basis may be included in the degree program.

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In order to register for the courses listed below, non-degree graduate students must receive permission from the program/department offering the courses.

Minor. Students may request a minor in any program approved to grant a graduate degree and in programs approved to offer only a minor. A student may not minor and major in the same field. Requirements for declared minors are determined by the minor program and the faculty member representing the minor field on the student’s POS committee.

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Creative Component. Most nonthesis students must present substantial evidence of individual accomplishment (e.g., a special report, capstone course, integrated field experience, annotated bibliography, research project, design, or other creative endeavor). A minimum of two credits of such independent work is required on those programs of study for a nonthesis master’s degree. Some programs require more credits. (For more information, contact the individual program or consult the Specific Master’s Degrees section in this catalog.) The element of creative independent study must be explicitly identified on the program of study. The format of the creative component is determined in cooperation with the POS committee. As with a thesis, a creative component should be submitted to members of the POS committee two weeks before the final oral examination. However, no final submission of a creative component is turned in to the Graduate College for review and approval.

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Thesis. A master’s thesis is a scholarly composition that demonstrates the ability of the author to do independent and creative work. A thesis is required in all fields in which a master’s degree is awarded, except where specific provision is made for a nonthesis degree program. A minimum of three research credits is required on every program of study for a thesis master’s degree.

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Students desiring to transfer from nondegree-seeking status to a degree-seeking status must be admitted by a program through the regular graduate admission process.