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Here’s the thing, plants are doing cellularrespiration all day, too! Cells use a form ofenergy called ATP that they get by doing cellularrespiration. They can’t use the energy in thesugar they make until they break it down into ATP.

Mitochondria are involved in respiration and chloroplast is involved in photosynthesis

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Cellular Respiration and Photosynthesis Lesson package - This 28 slide Introductory Biology PowerPoint Lesson package discuss both Cellular Respiration and Photosynthesis as well as how they are linked. It is geared towards students who are unfamiliar with both processes.

It outlines the structures of mitochondria and chloroplasts and the variety of pigments found within plants which cause them to change color in the fall. It briefly talks about why energy/ATP is needed inside the cell as well as outlines the importance of photosynthesis for life on Earth and lastly, it compares the processes of photosynthesis and cellular respiration. The processes are laid out in a clear and easy to follow manner with many diagrams, explanations and pictures. It includes the lesson (student and teacher versions of the PowerPoint), 2 embedded videos, a student activity with a marking rubric & answer key and a student lesson handout as a word document which follows the PowerPoint. This lesson is designed for an entry/introductory level biology course.

Included in the lesson package is:

- The teacher version of the PowerPoint
- The student version of the PowerPoint
- 2 videos embedded into the PowerPoint
- Student Activity with rubric and answer key
- Student lesson handout

In order, the lesson covers:
- Earth’s energy budget
- Cellular energy (ATP)
- Mitochondria
- Solar energy
- Chloroplasts
- Chlorophyll
- Photosynthesis vs. Cellular Respiration
- Photosynthesis and life

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The student version of the PowerPoint contains multiple blanks that need to be filled in throughout the lesson. These blanks are conveniently underlined and bolded on the teacher copy. I have found this to be the most effective means of keeping my students engaged and active without having them write everything out. This also leaves more time for discussion and activities.

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They will see that the elodea did photosynthesis in the light, and cellular respiration in the dark.** (see note below)

However, I frequently get questions about the lab so I'm hoping this blog post will be useful to those teachers out there who about to set up this lab.

In this lab, students will be testing whether or not aquatic plants do photosynthesis in the dark or light, and also testing if they do cellular respiration during the dark or light.