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The Weathers Family Papers document the lives of Virginia “Kate” and Benton H. Weathers of Howard County, Missouri, and the lives of their children and grandchildren. In addition to genealogical materials on the Weathers, Duncan, and Grigsby families, the collection includes some materials on the Weathers Lumber and Hardware Store in Fayette, Missouri, and the Missouri Polled Hereford Association Records.

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PANEL DISCUSSION F120. Women, War, and the Military: How to Tell the Story. (Mariana Grohowski, Helen Benedict, Tracy Crow, Mary (M.L.) Doyle, Jerri Bell) Room 1, Tampa Convention Center, First Floor.
Five writers—three military veterans and two civilians—weigh the pros and cons of telling military women’s stories through fiction versus memoir. Is the novel still better, as Virginia Woolf argued, at representing the private discourses of women’s lives to the public? Or does the memoir better afford women the opportunity to write themselves into history? What can a novel do that a memoir cannot, and vice versa? Is there a reason why more women veterans have turned to memoir than to fiction?

Sanders Of Randolph and Montgomery

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McHenry, James Patrick
How They Tear Each Other to Pieces: Fragmentation and War in the Fiction of Virginia Woolf
Thesis | 1989
Major Professor: Dr. Angela Hague

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The Griffin Brander Papers contain the personal papers of a free black man born in Virginia in 1814. He migrated to Missouri in the 1840s. The papers reflect Brander's efforts to maximize his freedom while living in the Antebellum South and post-Civil War St. Louis, Missouri. The collection consists of photocopied documents. The originals remain with the family. Two series comprise the collection.

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Suchan, Mary Fitzgerald
Virginia Woolf's Perception and Development of the Artistic Expression of Humanity in Night and Day, The Voyage Out, and Jacob's Room
Thesis | 1993
Major Professor: Dr. Angela Hague

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Correspondence to Daniel H. Spengler, of Bentonsville, Virginia, from his brothers Philip and Samuel and other relatives and friends living in Missouri and Virginia, covering the period 1856 to 1860 and 1865 to 1870. Also included are a map of New York City, a photocopy of the Warren County, Virginia census of 1850, a railroad advertisement, two train tickets, and accounts of travel expenses.