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This is an EXCELLENT book on the subject of cyber bullying. If all you need is one source for information to help you write an informative report/research paper on cyber bullying then this book is all that you may need. Just some of the aspects of cyber bullying covered in this book are: plenty of statistics; general profile of bullies and victims; various methods of harassment; summary of research studies; methods of prevention and solutions for students, parents, educators, and legislators; and laws and policies. There are some true stories of victims spread throughout the book.

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These two authors are well-known for their literature and studies on cyberbullying. This book covers A LOT, including statistics, tools used by bullies, effects of cyberbullying, methods that can be used to deal with cyberbullying, and legal issues. This book, as well as Cyber Bullying: Bullying in the Digital Age, are two excellent books that cover just about everything you need in order to write a lengthy paper or give a long speech on the topic of cyberbullying.

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This scholarly journal article (over 30 pages) in the December 2010 issue of Federal Communications Law Journal offers A LOT of information on cyberbullying law and cyberbullying events/cases that helped bring attention to cyberbullying. This article can provide information on both sides of the criminalization argument. This is an excellent article for a couple of reasons. Many teachers LOVE students to use and cite scholarly journal articles like this one. Another reason that this article is very good is that the last few pages of information support the use of "prevention through education." Overall, this article gives plenty of information that helps emphasize education over criminalization as a prevention/punishment for cyberbullying. If you need to write a lot of pages for your paper, then this article can supply plenty of information and ideas to help you fill up the research paper.