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Those of us who think this subject is important are perhaps disappointed that modern technology has made this subject irrevelant. You don't need physical modeling to acurately and beautifully reproduce the sound of a real musical instrument. Nothing sounds better than resampling, and if you don't know that yet then you haven't heard a modern high-priced keyboard synthesizer.

Spectrograms are being used in musical compostion, in the technique called granular synthesis

In India, Amir Khosrow, a 14th-century poet and mystic,produced a synthesis of Indian and Persian music and influenced thedevelopment of later Indian music.

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This has been done in aerospace engineering for years in designing aircraft. There is a classical technique, actually a step-by-step recipe, for creating a finite element model that is guaranteed to work if you do it right. The texts on this subject are hard to read, even for someone with a strong mathematics background. This is because the engineers who work in this area have created their own little kingdom with their own little nomenclature for their little recipe, not because there is anything difficult to understand (it's called job security). The essential idea is that the resonant frequencies of an object are calculated. For music synthesis, we would be calculating the resonant frequncies of, say, a guitar string or a drum head. The sound is then created using additive synthesis. The drawback of this technique is that in its most reliable form, the recipe mentioned above, it is a linear modeling technique. This will take some explaining when the time comes.

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